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Sustainable, natural,
Sugar-free beverages made in Bali, delivered

We harvest clean rainwater in Bali and turn it into 13 delicious drinks

Why drink Rainwater?

Better taste
Rain is water in its most natural state. Give it a try we think you will agree it just tastes better

Better for your health
Clouds are nature’s filtration system and produce the purest drinking water with the lowest levels of TDS*. No micro-plastics!

Better for Bali’s health
By catching the rain before it touches the ground, we are not depleting Bali’s groundwater supply

Through our foundation, we create rainwater harvesting systems that provide free clean water to local communities in Indonesia.

First time here?
Taste the Rainbow

Our sampler pack includes 13 individual products: Stil and Sparkling Rainwater, Sasha’s Tonic – Regular and Light, 5 Sourbucha, 3 Root Beers and 1 Immunity Shot.